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I’ve heard some about you, here and there. Bit hard to escape the public eye when you swing around New York in spandex, isn’t it? From what I know you’re doing a well enough job, though. 

Autographs? I might be persuaded. 

Yeah, about that- look, you don’t pay attention to the newspapers, right?  Or any of the news channels.  Radio.  Citizens of New York.  ’cause there’s a lot more city saving than menacing, promise.

…Wait.  Good job?  Me?  [ dumb smile totally not mentally fistpumping ] Wow, alright.

Then, do you think, maybe- [ offers a pen and crumpled piece of paper from his pocket ]

[  biiig grin look at that puppy face sign it mr bond ]


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Hello, I’m Q. Very nice to meet the both of you.  I must say, however, that you two look surprisingly similar to one another?

Thaaat’d be because I have what you’d call…an…enthusiastic fanbase, I guess.  Don’t worry too much, it’s not a clone.  I hope.  Please, God, anything but a clone.

Anyway, yeah, Q, hiya.  I’m … Spider-Man?  And you’re a living legend.  Pretty much.  And I’m meeting you.

Uh.  Hi.


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Good evening. My name is Eve Moneypenny. Is there something I could assist you with?

Uh, yeah, hi.  Not exactly assist, but.  You’re the real thing, right?  Like, the real Moneypenny, because, y’know.  Wow.  Having a mini geek attack over here.

Embarrassing fanboy moment aside, nice to meet you?  I’m Peter Man.  Spider.  Spider-Man.  Hi.


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James Bond. The pleasure is mine, I’m sure. And you are?

I dunno, in this case, I’d actually have to say the pleasure is mine- meeting, you know, the actual James Bond.  Not exactly a thing that happens every day.

…Oh, right.  I’m Peter- also known as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?  Heard of me?  Maybe?


Do you do autographs?


[cough cough] 


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But so are superpowers! What sort of crimey-fighting-actiony-things do you do?

So I’ve heard.  From…way too many sources on the subway.  Are you some kind of television guy, or something?


Well, they call me Spider-Man for a reason.  I stick to things, shoot stuff out of my wrists, and can punch things hard.  It’s a glamorous life.

What do you do, anyway?  Or a name works, too.


Jaybird — [ hums and shrugs. ] Yeah, I guess it’s fine.

I don’t usually let people call me that but whatever. Feel special.

[ nope, you’re never allowed to drop me.

clings. ]

See, you can even do the bird-song-thing.

[ snickers ]

I feel very special, thank you.

[ you are horrible and should be dropped.

curse your clinging powers ]

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A costumed super hero! Or maybe super villain?

Either way, hello!

Hero in this case, to everyone but the Bugle.  I think.


But yeah, hi there.

Nice…bowtie?  You don’t see those around very often.

makethemquiver replied to your post: Alright, so, there’s kind of two things and two…


I wasn’t complaining- just mentioning how it was a strange mashup.

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Pidermaaaaam — [ jumps on back. ]

Can I call you Jaybird?  I mean, with all the pidermams going around, I might as well shoot a nickname back at you.

[ hUP ]

[ am I allowed to drop you yet or ]


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Alright, so, there’s kind of two things and two things alone on my dash right now, which makes it some weird combination of porn and PopTarts, of all things, which I guess kind of makes sense, because they both start with a P, but other than that- I’m really confused.

By that I mean hi, I guess.

It’s been a while?